Vacuum Pressure Impregnating (VPI) Systems and Equipment
Vacuum pressure impregnation is a proven method for completely eliminating corona-causing voids in electric motor windings by filling the air spaces of porous or void-containing materials with a resinous dielectric material.
    Vacuum pressure impregnation is increasingly selected over the multiple dip-and-bake method for rewinds because VPI is better suited to handle the increasing size of electrical apparatus; the trend toward higher voltage and temperature ratings; and needs for greater chemical, solvent, and moisture resistance.
   McGill AirPressure engineers draw from extensive experience to design and build the optimum equipment package with properly sized, high-quality vacuum systems; resin storage and handling equipment; and process control instrumentation. We develop service shop VPI systems for the electric motor repair industry that are used to impregnate motors, generators, transformers, switchgear, condensers, and other components.
   A typical McGill AirPressure vacuum pressure impregnating system consists of an impregnator, storage tank, vacuum source, vacuum and transfer valves, and piping.
    The systems may be horizontal or vertical. They feature quick-opening covers. Working diameters range from 2 to 15 feet. Any length may be specified. Systems can be automated to met your requirements.
   McGill AirPressure makes it easy for new users to perform vacuum pressure impregnating—without installation and operating guesswork. We are there at start-up for troubleshooting, and we give operators hands-on training.


McGill AirPressure's impregnating systems are custom designed and fabricated to meet each customer's individual needs.

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