These industrial, ASME-code-certified pressure vessels with quick-opening access doors are designed to apply vacuum, heat, and pressure in a controlled environment, providing the atmosphere needed to manufacture many of today's space-age composite materials.
    Since 1960, McGill AirPressure has supplied major companies around the world with pressure vessels and autoclave systems for bonding composites such as polyamides, laminating glass, curing and vulcanizing rubber, digesting pulp and paper, dewaxing investment castings, and enriching and processing uranium.
    Complete, integrated systems are our specialty. We manufacture systems that handle pressures up to 2,000 psig and temperatures up to 1,200°F. We have experience in building extremely large autoclaves on site.
   McGill AirPressure manufactures four standard sizes of autoclave systems that can be supplied with control panel, vacuum pump, and all necessary valves and instrumentation, and be pre-wired and pre-piped to save installation time.
    These standard units are supplied more quickly and at a lower cost than custom autoclave systems. Our standard models include our Mini-Bonders™ for small-scale production or research and development.
    Whatever size autoclave you require, McGill AirPressure has the technical capabilities to design a system that will perform the bonding process reliably, quickly, and inexpensively.
field construction of autoclave

Our manufacturing capabilities are not limited by the size of our plant. We have experience in field construction to build extremely large autoclaves on site.

later stage of construction

The same autoclave, which has a 25-foot-diameter by 90-foot-long workspace, at a later stage of construction.

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