Medical Waste Treatment (MWS) Autoclaves
Autoclaving is a proven sterilization method that provides an economical solution to medical waste disposal problems. Using an autoclave to sterilize your facility's medical waste avoids environmental problems associated with incineration and eliminates the expense of disposing of untreated medical wastes off-site.
    An MWS autoclave offers lower initial and operating costs than other waste treatment options and excludes the need for pollution control equipment. By safely and effectively sterilizing medical waste, an MWS autoclave enables you to dispose of your facility's waste economically at a landfill.
   McGill AirPressure's MWS series of autoclaves is designed for sterilizing medical wastes, infectious waste, and other materials. The MWS series features a breech-lock door with an air-energized gasket that extends the door's working life. Key-lock control prevents unauthorized personnel from changing cycle parameters.
    A low-profile track makes it easy for workers to load and unload the autoclave. Multi-stage safeties are designed to prevent accidents during normal autoclave operation. External insulation maintains comfortable working conditions for operators.
   Our engineering and manufacturing team works with you to provide an economical and dependable steam sterilizing autoclave for your medical waste. We have been designing and fabricating autoclaves since 1960 and are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
    In addition to supplying standard autoclaves, we can custom design a sterilizer to meet the specific needs of your facility. We have options for including a total waste disposal system, complete with shredders, grinders for sharps, carts, and cart dumpers.
Medical Waste Sterilizer

McGill AirPressure's MWS autoclaves are designed to provide a safe and economical way to sterilize medical waste.

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