The Mini-Bonder™—an Economical, Small-Scale Autoclave System
Our two standard sizes, Mini-Bonder I and II, are available with standard or high temperature/pressure capabilities, two T-bolt door assemblies, and a quick-opening breech-lock door option.
    Pressure vessel internals include insulation, sheet metal shroud, ductwork, blower, blower driver assembly, electrical heater assembly, and cooling coils.
    Each autoclave system is supplied completely assembled, piped, and wired. Both have the same rugged features and sophisticated processing controls as our large-scale autoclaves, for excellent reliability and years of trouble-free operation.
    These standard designs can also be customized to meet your specific needs. The Mini-Bonder CL, a simplified and more economical alternative to our standard models, is designed to reduce initial investment and operating costs for applications with lower temperature and pressure requirements.
   Mini-Bonder autoclaves are available for composite materials bonding, glass laminating, printed circuit board laminating, sterilizing, and rubber curing and vulcanizing. They are used for graphite-to-epoxy bonding, honeycomb structural bonding, and glass-to-metal bonding.
   Besides benefiting from the lower initial cost and reduced operating and maintenance costs of our Mini-Bonders, you can test materials and processes or do limited production work at a fraction of the cost of a large autoclave. You can determine cycle times, temperatures, and pressures, and evaluate raw materials to ensure quality before full-scale production begins, which together produce added savings.
   As a service, McGill AirPressure maintains an in-house laboratory-size Mini-Bonder to provide pilot testing service to bond and cure parts according to your process specifications—an inexpensive way to run tests or do limited research and development.
Mini-Bonder Autoclave

Mini-Bonder autoclaves can be customized for a variety of applications. The model above is supplied with a quick-opening, breech-lock door.

Mini-Bonder CL

A Mini-Bonder CL autoclave.

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