Production-Sized Autoclaves
Many industrial processes require properly controlled conditions of heat, pressure, and/or vacuum to cause physical and chemical changes in a material to be treated. These conditions are created and controlled within enclosed vessels generally called autoclaves.
    Autoclaves for specialized functions or industries are often called by other names: Vulcanizers, Devulcanizers, Heater Presses and Tire Curing Presses in the rubber industry; Globe Digesters in the pulp, paper, and minerals industries; Sterilizers and Hyperbaric Chambers in medicine; Pressure Cookers in the food industry; and Laminators and Bonding Autoclaves in the automotive and aircraft industries.
    As Impregnators, they are used for putting one material into another, such as preservatives into wood; for treating paper pulp tubes and porous castings; and for insulation of electrical cable.
    Autoclaves are used as chemical reactors and for chemical synthesis in various industries.
    Autoclaves vary in size—from the household pressure cooker and compact sterilizing units used in laboratories and hospitals to a tire curing press that can produce tires 17 feet (5,180 mm) in diameter.
   The pressure vessel is only part of the autoclaving process. Sophisticated equipment is required for instrumentation and valving, as well as for convenient materials handling and proper supply and application of process heat, pressure and/or vacuum and adequate process control.
    McGill AirPressure specializes in supplying integrated autoclave systems to meet the specific needs of processing industries. We design, engineer, manufacture, and install the largest and most advanced autoclave systems in the world. Complete packaged units include pressure vessels, quick-opening doors, heating, cooling, and air circulation systems, provision for materials handling, instrumentation, and completely automated process cycling.
Production-sized autoclave

McGill AirPressure offers complete turnkey systems, including design and fabrication, expert installation and startup service, and on-site operator training.

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