Glass Laminating Autoclave Systems
Laminated glass, used for such applications as automobile and aircraft windshields, bulletproof glass, architectural glass, and solar receiver mirrors, consists of thin layers of plastic sandwiched between layers of glass. The hot pressurized air process McGill AirPressure developed for our glass laminating autoclave systems has become the standard for the automotive and architectural laminated safety glass industry.
    Our glass laminating autoclave systems are the most advanced method for uniformly bonding the glass and plastic surfaces together. Safety interlocking, alarming, and valve sequencing is carefully controlled via McGill AirPressure's Programmable Logic Controller. This state-of-the-art system offers two levels of input/output, either the PC based MAACS (McGill AirPressure Autoclave Control System) or a graphical operator interface. Both make autoclave control, status information, program setup, and alarm indication user-friendly for operators. The menu driven control screen displays system information, start/stop buttons for fan control, cycle start, cooling, and navigation buttons to additional screens. An additional benefit of our MAACS control system is that in the event of a computer problem (i.e., the PC is taken off-line), the autoclave remains operational, which allows your facility to continue production.
    We are dedicated to producing high quality, dependable equipment that is safe and easy to operate. Our comprehensive safety systems are designed to exceed current ASME code requirements. They include the manual lock safety, electro-pneumatic lock pin, emergency pressure relief vent, zero-pressure switch, alarm systems and whistles, and pressure gauge, all working together to help you safely operate the autoclave.
    Like our full-scale bonding autoclaves, our glass laminating autoclave systems are custom designed to meet each customer's processing requirements and particular climate conditions. Our engineering and manufacturing teams will work closely with you to provide the most economical and dependable glass laminating autoclave that can be built to meet the specific needs of your facility.
    McGill AirPressure has been designing and manufacturing glass laminating autoclave systems since 1960 and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers certifies our autoclaves.

McGill AirPressure's glass laminating autoclave systems are used to laminate many types of structural and safety glass such as the automobile windshields shown above.

McGill AirPressure's user-friendly autoclave control system is designed for ease of use and reliable performance. Logged data can be easily transferred to a PC by Ethernet or flash card.

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