McGill AirPressure makes a wide range of sizes and types of autoclaves, from economical standard units to the largest and most customized in the world.

These ASME-rated pressure vessels with quick-opening access doors are designed to apply vacuum, heat, and pressure in a controlled environment. They provide the atmosphere needed to manufacture many of today's space-age composite materials.
   We supply autoclave systems for many applications, including bonding composites such as polyamides.
   We have the technical capabilities to design a system that will perform your process reliably, quickly, and inexpensively.

Production sized autoclave

McGill AirPressure engineers perform a final inspection on an 8-foot-diameter by 30-foot-long high-pressure hose vulcanizer prior to shipping it to a major manufacturer in the Midwest.

Control Systems

To provide proper quality control of autoclaved parts, you need a control system with extensive data logging capability. The MAACS 2000 control system records and displays part temperature, air temperature, vessel pressure, and vacuum levels in graphic and text formats.

MAACS Control Screen

Our MAACS 2000 state-of-the-art integrated control system provides operators with precise control of all autoclave functions in a user-friendly environment.


McGill AirPressure offers complete rebuild service and upgrades for all types of autoclaves. We provide corrosion repair, vessel enlargement, heat source modification, and the addition of auxiliary systems. This work can be performed at our plant or on site under our supervision.
   Our commitment to safety extends to all pressure vessels that we service. We have developed a three-stage safety system designed to prevent an autoclave's door from opening when the unit is pressurized.
    This system includes a warning whistle, a manual lock, and an electro-pneumatic lock pin. It is standard on our newer units and exceeds current ASME safety requirements.
    To reduce the possibility of an accident, we recommend having a safety system installed on all of your pressurized equipment.

Three-stage safety

Our three-stage safety system is designed to prevent an autoclave's door from being opened when the unit is pressurized.

Replacement Parts and Gaskets

To provide you with fast service, we stock gaskets for McGill AirPressure, United McGill, Biggs, and J.P. Devine pressure vessels. We can also provide replacement parts such as fan shafts, cooling glands, door hinges, and heating/cooling coils.

Gasket material is stocked

We stock gasketing material and several sizes of spliced gaskets.

Technical Support

McGill AirPressure offers on-line technical support for the MAACS 2000 control system to provide "real time" hands-on troubleshooting diagnostics to keep your autoclave system running. For other control systems, we offer expert support by telephone, or we can arrange to have our service personnel visit your site.

On-line technical support

To help ensure operational effectiveness, we offer prompt, on-line technical support.


McGill AirPressure offers expert service for all of your autoclave repair and refurbishment needs.
    With over 40 years of experience, our trained service personnel will work to keep your equipment operating safely and efficiently in a timely manner.
    In addition to offering service on McGill autoclaves, we repair and refurbish most other autoclave brands.

Repair of an autoclave

Repairing a weld inside an autoclave body.

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