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Benefits of Vacuum Drying
Vacuum drying is ideal for materials that would be damaged or changed if exposed to high temperatures. The vacuum removes moisture while preventing the oxidation or explosions that can occur when certain materials combine with air. Vacuum drying is also ideal in situations where a solvent must be recovered or where materials must be dried to very low levels of moisture.

Vacuum Drying Saves Time
Unlike atmospheric drying, drying under reduced pressure lowers the boiling point and provides a greater temperature difference between the heating medium and product. This results in faster drying and more efficient heat recovery.

Vacuum Drying Saves Money
Drying at lower temperatures reduces energy consumption. The dryers' closed-system design allows costly solvents to be recovered, eliminates expenses for additional air pollution control or exhaust systems, and minimizes product loss caused by atmospheric contaminants, dusting, oxidation, discoloration, and chemical change.

Vacuum Drying Protects Workers
Since drying occurs in a closed system, hazardous materials and fumes are not released into the air. The potential for explosions is reduced because of the lower temperatures and the lack of dust and air in the dryer.

Shelf Dryer

This vacuum shelf dryer is designed with two independent chambers for drying two types of materials at the same time.

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