Construction of
Conical Dryers

Conical dryers are available with all vapor-contacting parts made of carbon steel, stainless steel, or special alloys. Internal welds are ground smooth, and internal surfaces can be finished with a 30-50 micro-inch polish. External surfaces can be painted or insulated with a polished stainless steel cover.

  The dryer jacket is designed and stamped in accordance with ASME code for 25, 50, or 100 psig, coincidental with full vacuum in dryer. The jacket is baffled for equal distribution of the liquid heating medium.

   Special bronze bearings provide internal support of the vacuum line, which is equipped with an intake filter formed of multiple layers of stainless steel mesh (special vacuum line filters are available). Conical dryers are equipped with a vacuum gauge, vacuum release valve, jacket pressure gauge, and jacket relief valve. A bronze double rotary joint is provided for steam and condensate connections.

  Floor stands and stub stands are available.

Shell stage of dryer

Vacuum conical dryer before it is jacketed.

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