Vacuum Shelf Drying System
Request for Proposal
Type of proposal requested:
Type of facility where equipment will install:
Shelf Dryer Model Number:
Shelf area required: sq ft
Dryer vapor contact material:
If vapor contact material is "other", specify:
Dryer interior finish:
If interior polish is required, specify finish:
Dryer exterior finish:
If exterior polish is required, specify finish:
Dryer door exterior finish:
If door exterior polish is required, specify finish:
Is dryer to be insulated?
Standard insulation is 2" thick fiberglass. If this is not acceptable, please specify:
Dryer insulation cover type:
Dryer insulation cover material:
If dryer insulation cover material requires a special finish, specify:
Is a flange required on this dryer for a through-wall installation?:

Name or describe material to be dried:
Name or describe moisture to be removed:
Required batch size: cu ft
Product depth in pans: inches
Weight of material wet: lbs
Weight of material dry: lbs
Heating medium:
If heating medium is "other", please specify:
Maximum allowed product temperature: °F
Desired final vacuum: inches hg
Desired cycle duration: hours

Type of vacuum pump:
If type of vacuum pump is "other", please specify:
Vacuum pump material:
Is a condenser required?:
Condenser material:
Is vacuum piping to be included in this proposal?:
Vacuum piping material:
Is a heating system to be included in this proposal?:
Specify heat source:
If heat source is other, specify:
Are any components to be explosion-proof?:
Specify which components need to be

Available Utilities
Electric Service: v
Plant Water: gpm
Is steam available? Specify:
Is chilled water available? Specify: gpm



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