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McGill AirPressure Designs Vacuum Dryers; Offers Complete Testing Services

McGill AirPressure designs conical, shelf, rotary, and Mini-Dryer™ vacuum dryers to fit customers' specific applications. The dryer models include temperature and vacuum set point controllers, heating systems, vacuum pumps, and condensers. Skid-mounted, piped and wired, they are easily installed as stand-alone units or integrated into a clean room wall installation.

Vacuum dryers remove moisture and pressure to facilitate drying at lower temperatures; they can cut costs by reducing drying time and energy consumption. Materials dry quickly and evenly without the problems associated with drying at high temperature. Vacuum drying is ideal for materials that are heat sensitive, pyrophoric, or subject to oxidation. Drying occurs in a closed system so hazardous gases are not released into the air.

A vacuum shelf dryer with a 316 stainless steel polished finish on the interior and exterior surfaces for corrosion resistance.  

McGill AirPressure's custom-designed vacuum shelf dryers are designed for drying materials that must not be agitated or must be processed in small batches. The heating medium is usually water or glycol. In addition, steam, oil or other high-temperature fluid may be used. These dryers are fully enclosed, preventing product contamination and release of hazardous gas into the air.

McGill AirPressure offers complete testing services. Experienced technicians will develop a test program for customers or run customers' own tests. Vacuum drying equipment in McGill AirPressure's test facility can be customized, and auxiliary equipment needed to meet a customer's vacuum, heating, or solvent recovery requirements can be supplied. Upon request, technicians assist a customers' own staff with testing, recording test data, and providing documentation.

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