Complete Testing Service

McGill AirPressure's service technicians have extensive experience with vacuum drying systems. By combining our knowledge of vacuum drying equipment with your understanding of your material and processing needs, we can provide the following test services:

Developing Test Programs
After discussing your drying needs, we can work with you to develop a test program that will give you meaningful results. The tests will be designed to provide data that will enable you to size a full-scale vacuum drying system. We can make recommendations about test variables such as vacuum level, temperature, drying time, batch size, desired moisture reduction, and turning speed (for rotary and conical dryers).

Evaluating Test Programs
If you have your own test program planned, we can evaluate it to make sure it is scaled to our drying equipment. We can suggest any changes that might be needed to produce valid test results.

Setting Up Equipment
We can customize our test facility's vacuum drying equipment for your test program. That means supplying any auxiliary equipment needed to meet your vacuum, heating, or solvent recovery requirements.

Performing Tests
Our technicians will operate the vacuum drying system for your tests. Their expertise with the equipment ensures that the tests wil be run properly and safely. We can perform the actual tests or help your personnel perform them. That includesany special handling, measuring, or loading of the material being tested. We can also record test data such as vacuum level, temperature, drying time, and moisture reduction (weight before and after drying).

If you desire, we can write a report based on the raw data from the tests. We can document whether the tests met your stated goals and draw conclusions about the validity of using a full-size dryer for your process. If the test results are not satisfactory, we can recommend further testing with a different type of drying equipment or different test parameters.

Material Testing

We work with you to develop the most efficient and economical solution for your material drying needs; this is done without obligation. When available, our pilot dryers can be rented for testing at the customer's facility.

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