Types of Dryers

McGill AirPressure's vacuum dryers are indirect-heated, batch-type dryers for heat-sensitive solids. They remove moisture by exposing the solids to reduced pressure. Just enough heat is used to replace that lost through vaporization. McGill AirPressure manufactures the following vacuum dryers:

Shelf Dryers —
Are designed for drying materials that must not be agitated or that are processed in small batches. The material is loaded into pans or other containers, which are placed on heated shelves. Standard shelves are designed to 30, 50, or 100 psig, coincidental with full vacuum in the dryer. The heating medium is usually steam or water, but oil or another high-temperature fluid can be used.

Conical Dryers —
Are designed to dry free-flowing materials for which attrition or size reduction can be a problem. A conical dryer contains no agitator to damage sensitive materials. Instead, the dryer's cones rotate end over end to create a gentle folding and mixing action. The shell is heated by steam, water, oil, or another high-temperature fluid. Even distribution of the heating medium is facilitated by baffles in the jacket.

Rotary Dryers —
Are used in applications involving materials that can be agitated. The jacketed shell is horizontal and cylindrical in shape. A double flight of spiral ribbons or heavy-duty paddles is attached to a rotating shaft inside the dryer. During operation, the ribbons or paddles move material from the center of the dryer to the end plates and back so that the batch is constantly exposed to the heated shell and shaft. The shell and shaft are heated by steam, water, oil, or another high-temperature fluid.

Parts Dryers —
Are manufactured for use with aqueous-based cleaning systems. Vacuum parts dryers are especially useful for efficient drying of heat-sensitive parts, and parts with small passages and blind holes. They provide complete drying of the surface and internal area. An infra-red heating source and vacuum provide shorter drying cycles at lower temperatures.

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