Each dryer shelf is constructed of a baffle and side enclosure bar sandwiched between two steel plates. The flat heating shelves allow maximum pan contact with minimum temperature variation. They are heated by an internally circulating fluid, with large headers allowing uniform flow through all shelves. Heating fluid connections between the headers and the heating shelves provide vacuum-tight service and make the shelves easy to remove. They can be located at the front or the rear of the shelves. Standard shelves are designed for 30, 50, or 100 psig internal pressure, coincidental with full vacuum in the drying chamber. Customized shelves can be built to the customer's specific pressure requirements. They can be fabricated to meet ASME code standard. Lightweight, embossed panel coils/heating shelves are available.

Shelf Dryer

Welded heating fluid connections on dryer shelves provide leak-free operation.

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