Troubleshooting Tips

Problem: My password is not accepted when I try to gain access to online literature.
Solution: Verify that your login user name is your FULL e-mail address.

Problem: My user name (e-mail address) and password are not accepted when I try to log in to McGill AirPressure.
Solution: Check the version of your web browser. McGill AirPressure recommends at least Internet Explorer 5.5 service pack 2. Internet Explorer 5.5 service pack 2 is available for download at:

Problem: When I log in, I return to the main McGill AirPressure web site. Where is the online literature?
Solution: Once you are logged into the McGill AirPressure web site, areas that require authentication will now be accessible. Access those pages by entering the web site and navigating to the page you wish to view.

Problem: I forgot my password.
Solution: Click here to have a new password automatically sent to your e-mail account.

Problem: I am getting the following message: "Error: you already have access to this section."
Solution: This is caused when the specified E-mail address you are registering is already in our system. Perhaps you have forgotten your password or someone else in your organization has registered in the past. Please contact Sheryl Lazenby to request a new password.


Further Assistance

If the above cannot assist you, please contact our Help Line and be prepared to provide the following information:

Web browser and version— This information may be found within your web browser by clicking the help pull down menu and selecting "About<browser name>".

Operating system and version— With Microsoft operating systems, you may simply click the "Start" button. The start menu should have a description of the operating system along the left side.


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