Complete Autoclave Service Program
McGill AirPressure offers a complete service program to repair, maintain, and refurbish autoclaves. We help you maintain productivity and keep your entire system operating safely and efficiently. We work to get your equipment back in production fast when something goes wrong.
Inspection contracts are available to help meet insurance needs and comply with government regulations.
You can depend on our experience with pressurized equipment. We have been designing, manufacturing, and installing pressure vessels since 1960.
Our service expertise covers all types of autoclaves:
  • Bonding Autoclaves
  • Tire Presse
  • Vulcanizing and Rubber Curing Autoclaves
  • Glass Laminating Autoclaves
  • Dewaxing Autoclaves
  • Digesters
  • Impregnating Autoclaves
  • Medical Waste Sterilizing Autoclaves
McGill AirPressure offers complete repair and inspection services for pressure vessels.
Autoclave Inspection and Preventive Maintenance
Spotting problems before they become emergencies is the best way to avoid losing production time. Our technicians perform thorough inspections of your equipment's pressure, vacuum, hydraulic, heating, cooling, auxiliary, and control systems.
We provide complete field service reports, detailing any problems with the maintenance or operation of your equipment, and recommend specific solutions. If repairs are needed, we perform the work you authorize.
Inspection contracts are available to help you meet your insurance needs and comply with government regulations.
McGill AirPressure's inspections and repair work are governed by a comprehensive quality assurance program. Our standard inspection process involves checking for corrosion and other signs that a vessel's wall is deteriorating.
We use ultrasonic thickness testing and hydrotesting equipment to verify that the vessel is safe to operate.
Every modification to a pressure shell must be certified to meet ASME Pressure Vessel Code standards. Our experienced welding technicians have ASME, U, and R stamp certifications.
We perform radiographic testing to ensure the integrity of welds made during the service call and any welds not on the original drawings.
We offer a full range of inspection services.
Emergency Autoclave Repair Service
When your production is held up by a pressure vessel problem, McGill AirPressure can get you back in operation quickly. After working to clear up the immediate trouble, we can test your equipment to make sure the entire system is operating properly.
Our service personnel can get you back in operation quickly.
Autoclave Door Alignment
McGill AirPressure provides door alignment service to keep your autoclave door functioning properly. This helps prevent costly repairs necessitated by the continued operation of a misaligned autoclave door.
Our service staff are experts in the alignment of many different door configurations, and they will get your equipment back in production quickly and safely.
To keep your equipment operating safely and efficiently, we can realign your autoclave's door.